Le Français, les Français et la France

A story with a moral!donkey.jpg
webmix.PNGSymbaloo French webmix If you are a visual learner you will like Symbaloo which
is a great site for curating all your websites around a topic.

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My penfriend's Mum is a great source of those powerpoints that have beautiful photos, twee music and meaningful words - some of them are just too much but this one I really like.
Three essential tools for language lessons

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Rose.jpegI recently found this wonderful website for creating stories - such potential in the language classroom. I love it - it's called Storybird and the link is to a story I created in a matter of minutes. Sorry there are no accents - next time I make one I will try copying and pasting from Word and see how that works.
The illustrations you can choose from are beautiful - a great resource - must find out if it works in school and get the students to create.
And here is another - managed to do the accents this time - Fifi - that was the name of one of my dolls when I was a little girl!