IMG_6160-1.JPGOctober 10th

Looking at 1:1 in school - our infrastructure is ready, we are told, but are we? It is a scary prospect in many ways, more than exciting in others but we still have a long way to go in terms of making sure our teachers are ready and prepared to cope with the myriad issues that this will inevitably throw up in their classrooms. More reading needed but when do we have the time to do it? Policies to write as regards the safety of the equipment the students will bring in, expectations regarding behaviour, use of devices in the classroom and out of it, and so much more. Here is one blog that raises some questions regarding the issues. There are some useful links to other articles too. Must try to find some time to read them all in detail.... but this one from Patricia Larkin seems to talk a lot of sense

August 8th
I have used Wordle with some of my French groups but have always struggled with using it properly in school as our Firewall blocks it. Repeated requests to the IT dept have not reaped any rewards so today I decided to search for alternatives that might bypass our filters and firewalls. I think this mught be a possibility! Tagul. It actually seems to be more user-friendly than Wordle but you do need to create an account to create a cloud. I am also looking at some others but so far this is an example of what you can do. French words from Unit 1 Year 9

August 2nd
I went to the Connected Communities Conference last week and had an interesting conversation with Caroline from Cyclone about 1:1 in schools and the use of ipads in the classroom and other devices. She sent me this link to the Victorian Govt website and their findings into ipad use.
Also a couple of useful docs; iPads-for-Learning---21-Steps-to-1-to-1-Success.pdf and 948_ELearnLitReview.pdf


June 29th 2011

A colleague reminded me of the langwitches website recently so this evening I had a look and found this fascinating idea; I have often wondered how I can use Skype in a truly educational way. For me as a language teacher it has always seemed that it represents great potential but the time differences between NZ and French/Spanish speaking countries has always been an issue that I haven't yet overcome.There are also these great posters which succinctly display some of the key aspects of the way children learn and how we, as teachers/facilitators, can support that learning in the 21st Century learning environment.Here is a video on sharing information legally from Creative Commons Creative Commons

I am currently looking at Policies for using Personal Devices in schools as we are moving towards having that capability in school.. The infrastructure is there but we have to prepare the staff and students for this next big development. Here are some that I have found - lots of reading to do!

Computer Use Policy - video - this looks like an interesting article - needs further reading I think.

This could be a useful document to go through with Julie - A Digital Citizenship Analysis Tool

This article is interesting; it sort of confirms ideas that I have already so is empowering to read. Conscious competence Model

Found this website whilst surfing - lots of good stuff here "What is 21st Century Education?"